The Shelter


The realization of our shelter was achieved through the generosity of Albtiefbau sh.p.k.

They were touched by our dedication and hard work and offered to help us by constructing a small shelter on their commercial property in August 2014.

The shelter helped us tremendously in 2014 during our first spay/neuter campaign with the Municipality of Shkodra. Since then it has improved, thanks to the continuing contributions of Albtiefbau and Pro Qen Albania.

Today the shelter houses 5 large kennels; a “Dog House”, that houses puppies in need of care and a trailer which serves as a clinic.

We have many more improvements which are needed.

Every winter we cover the kennels with double layers of plastic to protect the dogs from the cold, rain and wind. In the summer we should ideally double the protection from the sun and heat. Our aim is to improve the clinic and add 10 more kennels as the number of permanent dogs has been steadily increasing every year.


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