Success Stories


One of our greatest achievements and biggest goals is the adoption of our furry friends.

After they are rescued, medicated, spayed/neutered, and sometimes trained, all we wish for them is a loving forever home. Our volunteers and supporters go to great lengths to transport rescued dogs and cats to their new families. And all our sacrifices have been properly rewarded.

For the past decade, we have been able to provide adoption for 130 animals yearly.

More than 300 of them have been adopted in the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and in the UK.

Below, you will read only a few of these inspiring stories.


Two different dogs, rescued in different times and adopted by the same loving family.

Monet was an adult dog living in the city center and Stina just a puppy when she was brought to our shelter.

Karley, a Canadian girl, decided to visit the Balkans. During her stay in Shkodra, she was touched by seeing so many strays in the streets. After she went back, she kept thinking of them and reached out to us.

We suggested Monet and Karley accepted. So, Monet was the first baby from Albania in 2018.

In 2021, it was time for Stina. She hadn’t received any requests before and we were really thrilled that she was chosen.

Monet and Stina enjoy their long walks in beautiful parks, their belly rubs on the couch and the certainty that they are loved and well taken care of!

Karley has proven herself to be an amazing mum to them and we are forever grateful for this opportunity!


Moana and her brothers and sisters were rescued on a cold November night. She never received any requests for adoption in Albania. Thanks to Street Dog Hero, we could fly her to the US, where she found a loving family.

They named her Riley. Here’s what they say about her:

“She is such a gentle soul with just enough spunk to give her a fun personality. She enjoys going on walks and absolutely loves playing in the snow. Riley is cautious with new people and in new situations, but her confidence has grown every day. We are so fortunate to have found this girl. She is truly a delight! A big thank you to her Albanian rescuers and to Street Dog Hero.”


Nala was a sick puppy roaming the streets of Shkoder. She was rescued from a nice lady who brought her to our clinic and she was then fostered by Ornela. It was “Street Dog Hero” who helped us find her an amazing family in the USA.

Here’s what they say about her:

“Nala is very happy and doing great. She gets lots of comments on her tail and how cute her face is. She gets to go to the dog park every day and is popular with other dogs. Amazingly, she is generally the fastest dog around when she gets going full speed. Her personality reminds me a lot of the Siberian Husky we had… adventurous, independent, and smart… knows the commands but thinks about whether she wants to comply or run off. She loves to chase our cats and tries to play with them. Nala loves the snow and has not shown any signs of ever being cold, even in below freezing weather.”


Luka is Moana’s brother. Just like her, he did not get any requests in Albania. It was again “Street Dog Hero” who made it possible for him to be adopted in the USA.

Here’s what the family has to say about him:

“We live in the woods, near a massive and dog-friendly meadow that he gets to run around in every day. My partner and I love him immensely. Luka is wildly smart, goofy and playful. We are still doing lots of training with him, as he is a “teenager” and loves ignoring us lately.

He is still quite scared when meeting new people (mostly men) and does not do well at home alone for more than an hour or so. I think he gets lonely—he is our only dog, and our cat minds her own business upstairs. Having him in our family has been a joy. A project, for sure, but also a total joy.”


Wolfi was just another dog roaming the streets of the city looking for food, shelter, and love. It is unclear if Wolfi was abandoned or if he was born on the street, but we are certain that he has lived through terrible circumstances.

When our volunteer first met this very affectionate dog, his paw was damaged. It wasn’t long after we met Wolfi that we were told that he wasn’t well. On a roundabout, Wolfi was lying on the ground in total disregard of the passersby, unable to stand, poisoned. His condition appeared to be critical and near death.

Yet Wolfi made it! Wolfi recovered his strength after many days of veterinary care and pampering from the volunteers. Wolfi, however, couldn’t remain at the clinic forever because other dogs needed his space. Though Wolf was released in his territory, he continued to return incessantly to the clinic, the only place where he knew what it was like to be loved and cared for.

Following that, Wolfi spent the next months at the shelter until an Austrian lady adopted him. Today, Wolfi aka Henry lives happily with his owner, loved, and spoiled as he should be. The days of suffering in the streets of the city are just a distant memory.

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