Animals Need Me is a volunteer organization which began in 2012, focusing on helping stray dogs and cats in the city of Shkoder, Albania. Our efforts consist of:

·         Raising awareness on the issue of stray animals in schools and in the media.

·         Massive spay/neuter campaigns.

·         Providing medical assistance for sick or injured stray dogs and cats.

·         Providing shelter for those animals who cannot survive in the street.

·         Finding adoptive families, locally and internationally, for the dogs and cats we foster.

We are currently calling for animal welfare organizations or donors to finance our Spay/Neuter campaigns for dogs and cats in Shkoder, Albania!

We strongly believe in our mission. We are very passionate about what we do and your help would mean a lot!  

Please, take a look at our Projects page and feel free to Contact us if you have any questions.

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